Saturday, June 23, 2012

Victoria Azarenka is a joker!

Victoria Azarenka is a joker, oh, yes she is! She made just one public appearance since her loss at Roland Garros to tell the world she got a new hair cut. And chose the day Maria Sharapova overtake her as world Nº1 tennis woman! Fans were stunned: "Really, Vika cut her beautiful long hair?", some asked. Others commented she was pulling some kind of stunt to joke with "Masha". From Vika, no answer or explanation whatsoever. Since then, zero posts on Twitter or Facebook, zero tournaments, zero interviews. Azarenka literally got herself off the radar.

Yesterday, Tennis Boulevard was anxiously trying to get some pictures of her at the Pre-Wimbledon party in London. At first, we thought she wasn't going to attend but then Boom! There she was! Boom! Same old long blonde locks! Boom! Looking gorgeous and happy!

End of story...she made us all look like a bunch of fools! But we enjoy a little bit of sarcasm too, so we forgive her and we are glad that she kept her gorgeous long hair and that she is back to play some kick-ass-tennis!:)

Is Vika following the footsteps of the Djoker? :)

(Images via WTA's Facebook Page)

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