Friday, June 8, 2012

Azarenka gets over her losses and tries new (short) haircut

This is surely a tough week for Victoria Azarenka. After being knocked out of Roland Garros in the fourth round match, the Belorussian joked at the post-match press conference that she wanted to "kill herself" to get over the loss.

She took her defeat pretty seriously and admitted that her performance was not satisfying. She also said she is not feeling the same passion for the game and is likely taking a break before Wimbledon. Now, as Roland Garros unfolds, things seem to get even worst for her. Some hours ago, Maria Sharapova got her place in the French Open women's final and is now moving ahead of Azarenka in WTA ranking. The Russian will be officially the world number 1 from Monday onwards.

"Vika" has to cope with all of this and try to get her confidence back. It isn't easy when you're 22, you're a bit of a rebel (in a good way) and you've got the world's eyes on you. But there are some signs that she is trying to move on. Just two hours after Sharapova's victory in the semifinal, the former 1-ranked tennis-woman posted on Facebook a photo of herself with a new look. She cut her long blonde locks and has now a neck-length haircut. And it suits her!

Credit: Azarenka's Facebook page
This haircut could mean a lot of things:

1 - A new "do" is a great fresh start.
2 - She is moving on, and decided not to hide from the public even on a bad day for her.
3 - She is looking for some love and appreciation from her fans (she also got some bad reviews, as you can read on her Facebook post)
4 - She is actually wearing a wig and using the same trick as Sharapova (see it here)
5 - She is mad at Sharapova and is proving that she has the courage to cut her hair instead of fooling everyone with a wig. 

Whatever the reason is, Victoria Azarenka is not hidding her head in the sand and we have to admire her for that. We hope to see her back on the courts really soon!

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