Monday, May 28, 2012

Roland Garros: What to do in Paris besides practice?

Top players, like Sharapova, the Williams sisters, Nadal or Federer, have been arriving in Paris since last Wednesday and Thursday but for most of them real action only began yesterday. Besides the intense practice sessions, what else was there to do in the great City of Light? Most players attended events organized by their sponsors or the French Open. For some, there was time for tourism. Let's take a look, case by case. :)

Victoria Azarenka

Vicka had time, between practices, to visit the Eiffel Tower. She didn't make it to the top because the queues were huge, as always. Nonetheless, walking around the tower and in the gardens nearby is just as good. On her Facebook page, she said: "This is how close I got to the Eiffel Tower! Too many people in line to go to the top :))".

Rafael Nadal

The Spanish star had a lot of extra-practice work to do, besides relaxing with his friend at the balcony of his hotel room (the place doesn't look too fancy but the view to the Eiffel Tower is "magnifique").

Credits from left to right: Nadal FB; Ella LingFFT/Roland Garros
Nadal had to attend media day (interviews, photos, and more interviews), kid's day (kids, kids and more kids), and draw day, where he and Li Na helped pick cards out of a bowl. Then, Rafa had the event with racquet sponsor Babolat, which we guess must have been fun, judging by the laughs he shared with Li Na and Kim Clijsters. Take a look at the video to learn more about the racquet of the future and Babolat's event.

Maria Sharapova

On her first day in Paris, Masha had a get together with fans at Nike Paris. She also had a "nice little shopping spree at the store", she wrote on Facebook, and took the opportunity to notice the different pieces sold by Nike stores around the world.

Bob Bryan - Bryan Brothers

We leave the cutest moment to last! Bob Bryan took his little daughter Micaela to walk in the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and eat an ice-cream at Haagen-Dazs. Isn't Micaela the sweetest kid? We love her pink skirt, it's goes well with Paris, City of Fashion :)

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