Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Djokovic renews image and signs with Uniqlo

New logo, new website and concept, and finally a new sponsor. In less than two months, the "brand" Novak Djokovic turned everything upside down and improved its image on all levels. Tennis nº1 announced Today, just a day after the split with italian company Sergio Tacchini, that Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing and sports equipment manufacturer, will be his new sponsor for the next five years.

"From today I am a samurai", joked Nole on his FB page
Nole has secured his position as the best player in the ATP World Tour and has been attracting a lot of fans in Europe and Asia. But the Serbian hasn't caught the attention of one of the biggest markets for tennis, the United States. Surely, this new image and the implementation of a marketing and communication strategy (through the creation of a concept, a logo, etc) is nothing more than a means to an end, but in a good way. Djokovic needs to maximize his potential. It's the right moment for him to raise the bar and to improve the fine machine that is responsible for the inevitable destruction of Nadal-Federer dominance of the last 7 to 8 years.

The 5-year sponsorship deal takes immediate effect and Djokovic will wear his new outfit for the first time at Roland Garros, which begins on May 27. In a statement released today, Uniqlo stated that it has appointed "the world’s top-ranked male professional tennis player as its global brand ambassador." The Chairman and CEO of the company, Mr Tadashi Yanai, announced that they will work with Djokovic in the creation of future product lines, and in co-development of the ultimate Uniqlo functional wear". The Japanese brand promises to use "the most innovative fabrics and technologies to develop match wear that can contribute to the performance of the player".

Commenting on the announcement, the Serbian said: "UNIQLO is a cool brand with strong roots in Japan, a country whose culture and way of life I respect. I have a personal philosophy which I call ‘Be Unique,’ and this is based on my strong passion, drive and eagerness to keep improving myself. I am passionate about being the best possible tennis player, as well as the best possible person, and I have a continuous desire to help people, especially children, who have been less fortunate than me.”

Recently, Novak Djokovic's official website and Facebook page were modified to include new features and a more clean design. The player's motto, which is "The Greater the Challenge the more Glory in overcoming it" is introduced at the top of the website, which is presented in two languages, Serbian and English. The logo associates Novak Djokovic's initials with strong principles such as tradition, freedom and the ability to dream.

Learn more in this interesting video about the construction, associations and typography of the new logo created for Tennis No 1 player.

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