Sunday, June 9, 2013

Protester invades court, scares Nadal

The French Open men’s final wasn't the intense match one would expect at least when it comes to actual play. Rafael Nadal's victory was straightforward but in the stands a lot was going on with several protesters trying to get attention.

Photo: AFP, via newspaper Marca
A shirtless man, protesting against France's new same-sex-gay-marriage law, was able to invade the court and scare Nadal. Security guards immediately surrounded the intruder and both players hoping to avoid a serious incident. The protester carried a flare, a white mask and came really close to Nadal.

About 10 minutes before this incident, two spectators, who tried to protest against the same law, were escorted out of the stands.

Play was halted three times during the third set because of incidents caused by spectators. In court Suzanne Lenglen, other people protesting against Fran├žois Hollande caused some stir during the Men's Legend finals. 

French Open director said to the media that 10 people were arrested and praised the security team for "controlling the situation". After the match in an interview with NBC's John McEnroe, Nadal admitted he felt "a little bit scared in the first moment". 

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