Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Federer orange-soled trainers banned from Wimbledon

Roger Federer trainers were banned from Wimbledon due to All England Club rules. According to AELTC, the orange-soled footwear infringes Wimbledon's all-white dress code. BBC Sport reports that an All England Club spokesman said "a number of players had been spoken to about their attire in round one". 

But, that we know of, players like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, who also had orange motifs in their gear (shorts and trainers), were not informed to change their clothing.

Nike made no comments about the incident but didn't miss the chance to tweet about it. "One match wonder", they say. It could have been the best tweet ever if only Roger Federer hadn't lost his second round match to world NÂș136 Sergiy Stakhovsky. Guess the all-white trainers for Round 2 had bad luck printed all over.

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