Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wimbledon: Andy Murray and mum Judy meet Gerard Butler, hot-topic during the final

After his historic victory at Wimbledon, Andy Murray took a few minutes in today's busy schedule to meet actor Gerard Butler. "Meeting Gerard Butler after the match, really good guy!", said the new Wimbledon champ on social media just a few minutes ago. Mum Judy Murray also got to bond with the movie star. But we think that given the occasion it's more like Butler met Andy and Judy than the other way around :)

Scottish pride (Image via @MiguelSeabra)

Before meeting Wimblemum and Wimblechamp, "Rocknrolla" star was a hot topic on Twitter. Wearing similar outfits, the Scottish actor and his fellow Hollywood star Bradley Cooper caught everyone's attention with their perky expressions during the men's final. They were also caught on TV stations taking selfies and the image quickly spread on Twitter during the final.

Here's a rundown of funny tweets about the Butler&Cooper male bonding:

More on Butler and Cooper geeking out on The Daily Mail.

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